When Quality
and Accuracy

Matter Most

The Digital Training Library (DTL) is an online learning platform designed to provide guidance, training, and knowledge to the Bible translation industry’s network of translation specialists to improve quality assurance for the entire Bible translation movement.


The DTL Process

Streamlined for Improved Translation Quality

  • 1

Select A Certificate Program

We have a full range of certificate programs to choose from that provide robust training for all aspects of the Bible translation process.

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Complete the Online Modules

Our certificate programs generally take from 3-6 months from the time of registration to completion, including the final project. 

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Receive Your Certificate

Upon completing a course and having your final certificate graded, you will receive a certificate and be one step closer to being ready to translate God’s Word!

Quality Content for Bible Translators

Our Certificate Programs

EN = English, FR = French, HI = Hindi, ID = Indonesian, ES = Spanish

Biblically Faithful Translation

Improving Quality
and Efficiency

in Bible Translation

Translators are the heartbeat of this movement, and we believe they need to be equipped with excellent and relevant training materials for biblically accurate and culturally appropriate translations to achieve the significant goal of until all have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

a woman holding a bible in her language

Training in Bible Translation

Our certificate programs help students understand the way biblical languages and hermeneutics work, leading to translations of a higher and more consistent quality. 

Cultivating Christian Leaders

Our learners come away with a better appreciation of missional servanthood and the necessary soft skills to mentor translation teams.

Adequately Prepared Disciples

The DTL will prepare disciples who are adequately qualified for their work by focusing on the importance of a holistic and systematic approach to translation. 

Hear from Our Students

The DTL Difference

Speaking in the language of the heart of the people is important to them. Excited to have Fuller Equip stand by them. I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn. Most pastors are working in a language not their own; not their mother tongue. They use English. This magnifies the need they have.

DTL Student

I am very blessed with this DTL training, I found many things that I never imagined before and this training opened my horizons and guided me how to become a translator. It is not only knowledge that is needed in this training, but also characteristics that are pleasing to God so that this will lead to success in translation. This training also built my soul and shaped me so that my perspective would be God's

DTL Student

I grew up in a Christian home and the church so I can recall many moments in my life where I would hear that Jesus is our friend and He counts us as one of His. But every time I would hear it, deep down I didn’t know if I knew what it meant and felt like I was missing out on something I knew was huge. In doing module 6 in the DTL I have finally realized why I have never been able to see God as a friend.

Youngshim Kim

DTL Student

Improving the start-to-finish performance and quality for all Bible translators worldwide. Will you join us?

We believe cost should never be a barrier for anyone who wants to complete DTL training. In addition to offering group discounts, we also offer scholarships for individuals and organizations/networks within the Bible translation community.