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Discourse Analysis: Narrative Texts

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We understand that your calling as a Bible translator is to produce translated Scripture that is clear, accurate, and natural. However, even with the best intentions, mistakes can happen easily. Accuracy is even more critical as you translate the Bible when every word can shape a person’s understanding (or misunderstanding) of the nature of God and the power of the gospel.

The certificate program of Discourse Analysis: Narrative Texts is a comprehensive guide created to help you produce more accurate translations of Scripture. Discourse analysis identifies all the details that enable a story to be understood in your language. This professional certificate program includes six in-depth modules covering various areas of discourse analysis, including word charting, characters and participants, and word order. Each module contains practical applications that build on your skills and lead to a final project.

This certificate program is adapted from the highly respected in-person training offered by SIL International, one of the leading translation experts in the world. The SIL International training was previously only available in person, but now you can develop your translation skills from anywhere in the world and from an organization you can trust.



Content Type

Full Certificate

Certificate Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the differences in narrative discourse structures of the source and target languages
  • Express the intended meaning and impact of the source text with natural communication in the target language
  • Evaluate the narrative structures in your Scripture translations
  • Summarize the structures of the target language and demonstrate how they are appropriately used in Scripture translation