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The World of the Old Testament

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Welcome to The World of the Old Testament certificate course! As you go through this certificate, you will be encouraged, inspired, and challenged as you work through the content and practices that will be a part of your journey through the Old Testament. Please note that you will encounter some biblical Hebrew throughout this certificate. Use the included information to deepen your understanding of the text and continue working through this certificate regardless of your comfort level with the Hebrew language. The Hebrew examples included in this certificate are meant to enhance your learning and understanding of the translation process and the original text.



Content Type

Full Certificate

Certificate Learning Objectives

  • Describe key events of Old Testament history as it relates to Israel and Judah.
  • Identify the overall archetype (Story, Teaching, or Worship) of each OT book and explain the basic characteristics of each.
  • Analyze OT books for major narrative elements and explain how it foreshadows the coming Messiah in Jesus.
  • Incorporate the above aspects into your personal devotional time in Bible study.