Scholarship Information

Financial scholarships are critical to the success of the DTL.

We believe that cost should never be a barrier to a translator completing the DTL program. Therefore, we have established a Scholarship Fund to provide individual translators and organizations and networks in the Bible translation movement with financial assistance to complete a Certificate program through the DTL. Scholarships are granted twice a year by the DTL Scholarship Advisory Committee (SAC).

Application Forms


Use this form if you are an individual not affiliated with a Bible translation organization or network, or the only applicant from a BT organization.

Individual Application


Use this form if you are applying on behalf of a BT organization/network for two or more people.

Group Application

  1. Applicant will complete and submit the online Application Form.
  2. Applicant will provide contact information for three personal references who will be asked to complete Recommendation Forms.
  3. The Scholarship Advisory Administrator will review and confirm the Application and Recommendations are in order and submit them to the Scholarship Advisory Committee.
  4. The Scholarship Advisory Committee will review the Application and Recommendations at the next scheduled meeting and decide on the amount of scholarship to be awarded, if any.
  5. The Scholarship Advisory Administrator will notify the Applicant of their decision via email within five business days of the meeting.
  6. The Applicant will follow further instructions from the DTL to begin the Certificate program.
  7. The Applicant will immediately alert the SAC via email in the event they are unable to finish the Certificate program, for whatever reason.
  8. The Applicant will file a report upon completion of the Certificate program.
Evaluation Criteria
  1. Application Form
    1. Ongoing engagement in the Bible translation movement
    2. Ability to successfully complete Certificate Program(s)
    3. Personal call to Bible translation
    4. Financial considerations
    5. Strategic contribution to All Access Goals
  2. Recommendations from:
    1. A spiritual leader or mentor such as a pastor or elder
    2. Someone involved in some aspect of Bible translation
    3. An employer, teacher, or someone in the community who knows you well
    4. Note that family members may not be used as references

  1. The Organization/Network will complete and submit the Application Form.
  2. The Scholarship Advisory Administrator and the Partnership Liaison will receive, review and confirm the Application is in order and submit the Application to the Scholarship Advisory Committee (SAC)
  3. The SAC will review the Application at the next scheduled meeting of the SAC and determine the amount of scholarship to be awarded, if any.  The decision will be communicated to the Partnership Liaison.
  4. The Partnership Liaison will notify the Organization/Network of the decision of the SAC via email to the individual making the application within five business days of the meeting.
  5. The Organization/Network will follow further instructions and work with the Partnership Liaison to activate and implement the Certificate program for the intended translators
  6. The Organization/Network will file a quarterly report during the time the translators are using the DTL.
Evaluation Criteria
  1. Capacity to support participants during their DTL training
  2. Capacity of participants to benefit from training
  3. Supervised roles for participants following their DTL training
  4. Strategic contribution to All-Access Goals
  5. Financial considerations
  6. Good stewardship of previous scholarships (if relevant)

The Scholarship Advisory Committee meets twice annually for scholarship selection. All applications and recommendations must be submitted by the posted deadlines in order to be considered. Deadlines will be posted here when applications are being accepted.

The Scholarship Advisory Committee

The DTL Scholarship Advisory Committee (SAC) is appointed by the DTL Advisory Board. The SAC comprises eight members, including representatives from Biblica, Fuller, organizations within the Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN) alliance and the greater Bible translation movement, and a non-voting administrator.

Contact the SAC

If you have questions regarding DTL scholarships, please contact us at [email protected]